Magma Dual Horizontal Round Rail Mount 1-1/8″ or 1-1/4″ HD [T10-585]


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SKU: CWR-40751

Product Description

“Dual” Horizontal Round Rail Mount
(Heavy Duty)

T10-585 Fits Oversize Round Rails 1-1/8′ or 1-1/4′ (28.5 mm or 32 mm)

Incredibly strong and rigid, these rail mounts will not slip on the rail. They have a uniquepivoting design which allows them to attach to curved rails or across the corner of a sternrail. Made of 18-8 stainless steel and 356 hard anodized aluminum, they instantly detachwithout tools for compact storage leaving no hardware on the rail.

**Not for use with the A10-801 “TrailMate” Connoisseur Series Gas Gril

Quick Guide (pdf)


  • Weight: 1.6 lb
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 2 in
  • MPN: T10-585

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